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Harusami's Mojo Bag for Divine Protection

After a friend of mine mentioned that she was harboring some fears about her brother-in-law being deployed to Iraq, I told her the best thing she could do was to set her intention and faith, and manifest a good outcome. I told her would make him a mojo bag for protection, then I realized the greater need to distribute this to the world at large in these trying times.

Mojo bags, or spell bags have been carried for centuries and by many cultures to bring about love, prosperity, health or to protect from harm. In this world of danger, chaos, war and stress, I felt it my duty to gather together some of the most powerful talismans, stones, herbs and oils for protection. These items are powerful tools to set your intention and manifest your desire for strength, courage, balance and Divine protection from harm.

Each 3" x 4" sueded purple bag is individually blessed, charged, anointed and sent in Soul2Soul's signature purple gift box with explanation of each item and instructions.

Harusami's Mojo Bag for Protection

In this pouch blessed and charged with Universal Life Force, Love and the intent of Protection, you’ll find:

Turquoise ~ one of the world’s oldest protective talismans, it gives strength and protects from harm and negativity. It is also a symbol of peace and friendship. This stone must be attuned by the wearer by giving it the proper intent.

Aquamarine ~ a stone of protection and courage, a particularly powerful talisman for sailors, or anyone traveling by water. Also stimulates intellect and spiritual awareness.

Bloodstone ~ a stone of courage, good for centering, grounding and alleviating distress and anxiety. Bloodstone imparts both healing power & protection.

Hematite ~ Worn by ancient Roman soldiers in battle, it imparts courage and physical protection. It is also an excellent grounding stone, aiding in clarity, balance and calm reasoning, also said to transmute negativity into love.

Coriander Seeds ~ burned as incense or carried on your person to protect against attack. Also helps keep friends and lovers from accidents.

Sacred Dirt of Chimayo ~ this is the sacred dirt from El Santuario de Chimayo that I have personally collected. Considered the "Lourdes of America,” thousands of pilgrims flock to this small sanctuary in New Mexico each year to collect the healing, protective dirt from “ El Posito” a small sand pit that miraculously never empties. This earth was considered sacred by Native Americans before the chapel was built in 1816.

Parchment for petition and gratitude ~ 2 small squares (an extra in case you need it) of non-animal, gold parchment paper, blessed by a Wiccan High Priestess and Reiki Master.

To place your intent and gratitude and participate in activating your Mojo Bag, write out an affirmation that feels right to you and sign your name. Example:

"In gratitude for your Divine Protection, I thank you.
Jane Doe"

Use your favorite ink pen, if you have access to Dragon’s Blood ink and a quill pen, use it, otherwise any pen will do. Fold or roll up the parchment and place it in the bag.

The Mojo Bag is anointed with Vetivert Oil ~ a powerful oil for protection and overcoming hexes and curses. For personal protection, inhale the Vetivert Oil aroma while visualizing a protective field sealing you from negative energies. 

Feel free to add any sacred symbol you wish, a St. Christopher, Star of David, Wheel of Dharma, Pentacle, God/Goddess figurine, Angel, Cross…whatever connects you to The Divine Source.

Items in the Mojo Bag must be kept to an odd number, the bag comes to you with 7 items when counting the small bag of Chimayo dirt and Coriander seeds as two items. If you add another item, simply change the intent and see the bag of dirt and seeds as one item. Remember, everything is about intent.

Place upon this bag your intent and gratitude for Divine Protection, and know that you are embraced in Love and Light. This bag should be worn near the body or kept in a pocket.

Harusami, Harusami Productions LLC and its affiliates will not be held liable for any damages that may result from information given or items sold. These items are to be considered for entertainment purposes only.
©2009 Harusami Productions, LLC

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