Rebecca Hilton and Wen Boley

Story of Twinflame

Well, it wasn't easy... The coming together of twinflames, at least not for us...

Although, our meeting and eventual/inevitable falling in Love was surrounded by seemingly insurmountable obstacles, it was also marked by magical synchronicities.... We were led by Spirit to trust that we were indeed, following our true path.

Wen was first introduced only to my voice when a mutual acquaintance played a tape of me singing acapella. He mentioned to Wen that he was going to make me a country star. Wen was struck with a sudden knowing and replied, "That isn't a country voice, that's a Celtic voice."

We met face to face a few days later when I went to Wen's recording studio to sing backups for another mutual acquaintance. My first impression of Wen was that he was "real". When I looked into his eyes, I saw directly into his soul, he was without pretense. I liked him instantly and felt a kindred spirit connection. At this point, there wasn't any indication that our relationship would be anything more than platonic.

Shortly after we met, Wen sat down at the keyboard and played for me his own music...

I heard qualities within his music that had been playing in my head for several years... Twinflame

My heart skipped a beat, could this be the musician I had been praying for?

"When is my musician going to manifest?" had been a constant prayer of mine for the past couple of years. Now I was looking at the "When" as "Wen", and it just so happened that his record label at the time was called "Manifest Records". I gratefully recognized the gift that was being offered me... and it seems that Wen did too, as he had been hoping for a female Celtic singer to wander into his life and add a new dimension to his music.

A creative working relationship quickly followed. We both eagerly looked forward to our Tuesday and Friday mornings together. The music unfolded for us so effortlessly, so magically... there were times when Wen gave me music he had just written and I already had the melody lines and lyrics that fit perfectly... and times when I gave him melody lines and lyrics and the music would fall from his fingertips like a long lost friend, triggering many moments of déjà vu, witnessing the existence of multiple lives and realities we have shared. It was soon very apparent by the blissful ease of our musical partnership that we were fulfilling our divine purpose with each other.

A strange phenomenon began to happen during all that blissful music making. My body grew more and more uncomfortable by the physical distance between us during our long hours of musical co-creation. We had become so "one" on the creative, spiritual level but had still maintained "propriety" on the Wen and Rebecca - twin soulsphysical level for so long. My body was very uncomfortably rebelling. Eventually, I had to ask Wen (as silly as I felt) if I could touch him. If I lightly placed my hands over his as he played, or set my hands upon his shoulders, I felt that maybe that kind of merging would satisfy me. Relief did come at just the touch of his hand, enough so that the intolerable physical discomfort would dissipate for a while... but it would come back later even stronger.

Looking back on it now, it is quite humorous as well as mysterious that my own body's wisdom was far more "knowing" than my mind. One touch led to another and another until Wen was certain that I was open for developing our relationship on the physical level. One day he bravely stole a kiss. Still very conflicted in mind and body, I exclaimed, "Don't ever do that again!" leaving him thoroughly confused and disappointed. However, Wen was not one to be easily deterred, and soon convinced me that my objections were in error.

Nine months after we met, we moved in together, facing enormous challenges and experiencing the highest of highs, and the lowest of lows, all the while, our lives had a dreamlike quality every moment we were together.

The first couple of years were truly my "dark night of my soul" as I stepped through ring after ring of fear, surrendering more deeply into trust, and ultimately making my life congruent with my being. How wonderful to have my True Love to hold onto, and hang onto, with his unconditional love and support. Love was the thread of truth out of which I wove the tapestry of my new life. Twinflames wedding day

Life did finally get better. The shift occurred the day we were married on 9/9/99, and we have continued in an upward ascending spiral ever since. We’ve created four albums of music to mark the seven years since the reuniting of our Twinflames. Interestingly enough, we chose "Twinflame" as the name by which our music would be known early in our relationship, intuiting the reality of our Divine compliment beyond the wildest imaginings of our conscious minds and lifelong yearnings of our wounded but healing hearts.

Our story is far from over, in fact we're sure that it’s only just begun... Right now we are being called to move more fully into alignment with our purpose, as are lightworkers all over the planet. Words cannot express the depth of our gratitude as we begin to taste the joy of the fullness of that expression. Dreams are tangibly manifesting around us... erasing all trace of struggle and limitation.

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